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It is important for every company to have its own website so that it can act as a convenient platform where customers and clients can get to know everything about that company. Also, a website can be used for multiple marketing strategies on the internet. There are various types of web hosting services in Jaipur that offered by several companies and one of them is on the Linux operating system. We make it possible for you to avail the best Linux hosting in Jaipur so that your website can be built and used with maximum ease.

Linux hosting is known for its security features and better speed when compared with other forms of hosting. Our team of developers bring to you the most suitable Linux hosting as per the requirement of your company and the nature of your business.

Technobases Web Services allows you:

- Full access of FTP
- Unlimited distribution list
- Sharing of Ip
- Support for front page extension
- 24׷ customer support
- Full access to the control panel
- Unlimited forwarding of e mail
- Protection from spam and virus


Among other facets of web hosting services, Technobases Web Services is one of the leading providers of dedicated hosting services in Jaipur. We provide dedicated ans enterprise server solutions to companies on a small as well as those operating on a large scale. Our dedicated servers in Jaipur act on an individual basis. This allows our clients the complete freedom to get the servers customized and configured in any way they deem fit.

We allow you to purchase a dedicated server along with a fully managed server solution or FMSS. This solution includes all the resources, tools and support that would be required to run your business effectively on the web. Our dedicated servers allow you maximum independence as well as the sole authority to hand over the controls and keys only to your trusted people so that you can also be sure of added security for your software and data.

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